Friday, 11 July 2014

Miles to go before I sleep... Wake-up call, Rahul

(Image Courtesy: Times of India)

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was caught napping by the Lok Sabha cameras on Wednesday (09/07/2014).  The nation is awake when Rahul naps.  Could be due to soccer fever?  Is Rahul a football  fan?  Was he giving a live-demo on the significance of power-nap? To his ill-luck, there was no ruckus, parliament was quiet.  Jawaharlal Nehru soon after independence said, “As the world sleeps, India awakens”, little foreseeing that the great-grand son would be sleeping in the House when India was awake.

What is distastefully ridiculous is the sycophants coming to his salvage.  “It is not true.  I totally and categorically deny all aspersions”, said Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi, lamenting that the matter has been “sensationalised”.  Congress leader Rajiv Shukla said that a “trivial and frivolous issue” is being unnecessarily highlighted.  This is not a controversy …. In the last 14 years during my parliament career, I have seen lot many people taking a nap or sleeping or dozing off in parliament…. Sometime people shut their eyes and listen to their speech very patiently.  This must be the case with Rahul Gandhi ….lot many BJP ministers are still sleeping …” said Shukla.  “Many people in parliament close their eyes.  It doesn’t mean they are sleeping” said senior NCP leader Praful Patel.

Consider “nap” for a moment

A power nap works wonders. Studies have shown that short naps can improve mood, alertness and performance. A mini-snooze of 10–20 minutes is recommended for recharging your batteries.  It is far better than overdosing on coffee to try and force oneself to stay awake.  The caffeine is not only less healthy, fact remains there is no equivalent for a meaningful siesta.  Sitting for long at the work spot may not sound like a lot of exertion, but it can wear you out worse than walking all day long.  It has been widely shared that power naps have been found good for rejuvenation, memory and decision-making, apart from cut down on stress.  Don’t misread naps for laziness. 

Some of the great thinkers were seasoned nappers.  John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagon, Albert Einstein … to name a few.  Winston Churchill adopted a sleep schedule for all of World War II, sleeping two hours during the day and five hours at night, and as a result was increasingly alert all through the day.  “That way you will be able to accomplish more”, he said.

Don’t be surprised, napping-breaks will soon replace coffee-breaks and more nap rooms in a few more MNCs. Alternatively, if you drive to work, nothing like that.  Recline the seat; sun-filmed windows can be merrier as you snooze. You can surprise your boss with better productivity.
“Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing” – Rahul can claim advantage of the quote by American comedian Bill Cosby.

 Let’s hope after every nap, Rahul wakes up  fresh and creative.  On the flipside, silence is golden and nothing is better than nonsense.

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